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What did this year mean to you?

January 1st, 2021.

I, personally, had a lot of big wins this year. I let go of a reoccurrence that truly never served me. I fought for what I believed in. I made myself heard, I spoke what I want. I worked my butt off. I overcame fears. I made changes in my life. I started this blog! I was healthy!

I didn't get to go on my lovely travels, do the things I wanted, or see my loved ones as much as I wanted, but despite this, the year wasn't all terrible for me. It adjustment. (I want to keep things positive!) But I felt I learned so much, and grew as well. I think if you look on the bright side, you may have experienced some great things in your life. Whether it be more time for you to work on you, a book that changed your life, a podcast that you loved. Look for the little great things you may have overlooked and the universe will surely reveal more gifts as well!

I'm going to journal on this as well, and I challenge you all to reflect on this and answer: What did this year mean to you?

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