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Wake Up Call

This morning I was awoken by an idea. Literally, the idea popped into my mind, and it was so good that it caused me to wake up and open my eyes. It wasn't a story or anything clever, but I was reminded of something I wanted to do. Something I very eagerly had wanted to do over the years but it was never the right time, I could never figure out the right hook, or the right name, and really that would be what would help differentiate it.

Now was the perfect time for it. I had the name, the money, the hook, the idea on how I'd make it different. How I'd make this mine. It's interesting to me how timing is critical. There is always the perfect moment for everything. Your inner being or God (your highest self/soul--you know me, I am a super believer in the metaphysical, but for those who need me to tone it down a bit, the universe, fate, serendipity, coincidence [though I don't believe in coincidence] or your mind or inner spirit, internal compass, GUT, intuition)... I'll rephrase it in case it got complicated, I don't want it to lose its point.

Your intuition, the universe, works for your highest good always.

So even though I have a million projects I must finish, I'm going to get started on this one. Because inspired action and all that jazz.

Moral of the story: Follow your gut, it will never lead you astray.

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