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Vital Notes to Self

13 notes from my phone that are my thoughts

The other day I was looking for a note, and found a whole bunch of gems that I wrote down, maybe ones I've heard, definitely many I've wrote, others are quotes. I found them moving, and thought they might be for you too.

1) There is no such thing as an unhappy ending. When things feel like they’re over, they’re merely a loss in perspective and an opportunity for something better.

2) What's the character that you're playing in your own life?

3) Working hard, giving your all is the only way that you can level up in your career. This means to bloom while while you are being planted. Basically it means that right now you’re being planted so if you’re unhappy with where you are you may feel that dirt is being thrown on you, maybe. But growth, sunshine, all of that comes with time.

4) You have to be your biggest advocate. People are going to try to walk all over you not because they’re mean and evil, rather just to see what they can get away with. And this is in every area of your life romantic, friendships, work. You have to fight for yourself and what you want. Advocate for yourself. And let go of anything that isn’t serving you. Get out of shitty situations where you're not being valued.

5) You must know when to walk away.

6) "Enjoy everything, need nothing"

7) I just want to remind everybody that all of our bodies are different, and one must do what’s best for you. Some thing healthy, a diet, a way of life, isn't universal. You have to find what’s healthy for you. There’s no one size fit all diet, our lifestyle and what’s best for us, varies.

8) This is just a reminder to pay attention to what you consume and what you’re allowing into your life. You don’t want anything negative affecting your energy.

9) Make sure you’re consuming things that are knowledgeable but also things that inspire you, or make you laugh, some thing you can learn from, anything that makes you feel scared, self doubt, or insecure aren't things you should be letting into your life. Protect your energy, so you too can emit positivity!

10) Thoughts can change biology.

11) I totally had a crazy - cool - grateful moment where I realized, when you dream BIG... life still manages to surprise you and turn out better than you imagined...

12) If we’ve learned one thing about the pandemic it’s that life is too short.

13) Someone told me this today, "You're too beautiful to settle."

I hope something resonates.

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