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The Month of You

Something about fall always gets me excited. My theory is that for most of my life I've been trained to go back to school. Because of that I'm ready to start new challenges, and get in the rhythm of new habits. I honestly think this autumn season always triggers that in me more so than New Years Day. I crave new challenges and new projects.

So tomorrow, I'm starting a new challenge for the next four weeks. I'm not going to let anyone know what it is now, but I'll let everyone know the outcome of this daily project in a month. The reason I bring this up is for you to act when you're feeling that rush of encouragement, inspiration it is time to make it happen. I'm very much of the mindset to not wait for inspiration, however, if it's there ride that wave!

What challenges do you want to start? What do you want to work on, on a consistent basis? Take these next four months and declare it the month of YOU! Do all the things that nourish your soul. Because, why not? You never need a reason to focus on what you want. Follow that desire that's been placed in your heart! The time is now my lovely humans.

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