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The Joy of journaling

After being inspired by the #greenlightsbook I decided to journal everyday. The lovely to look at, even lovelier to hear speak, Matthew Mcconaughey stated he'd journal and then would reflect on when things were really good, and what he'd do each day to so he could look back and sort of see what he was doing then and repeat it if he ever fell off track. So I absolutely loved that idea, because I felt I've had very high moments in my life, and I wish I would've reflected because some things could make it into a book. But also, almost to serve as a formula or guide in a sense. This also works in the reverse of like what is NOT working in your life.

Now I really wanted to do morning pages that Julia Cameron recommended as well, it’s like a 3 page

stream of consciousness and I also started doing that too and I love it! Though I try to do it everyday, I don’t always do. But I wanted to make sure I was journaling a little each day so I bought a planner specifically for it. Pictured here. And leave notes of how I’m feeling and how I’m doing, like little recipes of success daily. It's pretty cool, and we will see how it evolves.

I have completely fallen in love with journaling, I find it surprisingly therapeutic. It's also addicting... so I'm going to sign off now and go write one with my pretty pens and favorite notebooks. It truly is a joy to journal! I recommend it, my loves!

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