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Still Navigating

Greetings beautiful humans!

I just finished an hour long barre workout, and my body is feeling both shaky and fabulous. My eyes and head, not so much. I worked a 14 hour day last night, because 1. it's Thanksgiving week so it's a short week 2. I have to get this company to the next level 3. I've set such high work goals, I have no other option but to. One of the things I try to move toward is balance. This is the area where I'm learning to Navigate Namaste. Because what? I believe in balance and self improvement. At 10 pm my eyes couldn't take it any more, I had such a terrible migraine I had no choice but to surrender. It was so bad I couldn't even do bedtime yoga, watch tv, listen to an audiobook, I had to lay there with a cold compress and a lavender bag over my eyes for two hours as my body began its normal wind down ritual. That sounds super disrespectful to my body. As though I'm putting money before the wellness of myself, which is exactly what it translates to. Then also, it's disrespectful to my career goals as a writer, I can give endless time to a company, but zero to myself? Once again, this is the purpose of this website. Why I choose to navigate namaste. Because it's a practice, not a perfect. It's me working toward being the best version of myself, which doesn't include working 14 hour days for others with no rest.

Takeaways? Put yourself first! Self improvement doesn't happen over night. Seek balance. Listen to your body! I should've stopped working the moment my headache began at 8 pm, instead I pushed it until my body no longer allowed me to do anything.

Here's the thing, mind over matter. The mind can accomplish anything possible. But living in a balanced state is much more sustainable.

I'd like to take this moment to give thanks to my body and mind for being so resilient and lovely and strong. I'm thankful that I was created to be a powerful human being! Just like you!

I challenge you to reflect on this. What can you do for yourself? How can you be more balanced?

Ciao amores!

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