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So I've been a bit MIA with this blog because I've been Captain Save a Co' here, trying to do everything I can to make sure my company is profitable. Which requires lots of overtime, and more than that, for all my creative energy to go to that. Do you know what it's like to be constantly brainstorming stories and executing, and doing editorials? Yeah, that's the fun part. But imagine that times 5 (literally 5 stories and then the occasional ones I do extra editorial and play throughs for.) Then imagine running half of the company aka having to manage a large team. I'm grateful that I love my job, however this the my excuse to myself that I don't have time to do even more creative work. Because my mind is wrapped around saving the company.

In many ways I do believe it to be a true statement. As much as I love it, it's hard work. And a lot of the time after work, I just want to do something mindless or get human interaction which is hard to get during this global pandemic.

But in many ways it's also self neglect. Why am I giving everything to my job and not even attempting to give my own personal and very meaningful creative work the same amount energy and commitment? I mean, I could dedicate time daily right? Everyone says to wake up earlier and do it, but that is my only time to work out and then jump right into the super hard strategy (and definitely not maintainable) I have created for the company. But I guess it's all about sacrificing. What is worth more? Finishing the book that I feel could really allow me to level up? Or ensure that I have a salary another year?

I pose this question to myself and many others that are okay with not putting themselves first. I'm attempting to challenge myself. What can I change about my lifestyle that will allow me to do both?

Are you neglecting yourself and your ultimate desires? What WILL YOU do to change this?

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