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Reiki Healing

Sometimes, it just clicks. You hear something that feels so undeniably for you, and you have no choice but to listen.

Last night I did Reiki healing. It's essentially chakra aligning, think sound bath but through the energy of the Almighty one plus his angels. And it was incredible, and magical. I felt as though I could feel the energy all around me, as though it were something I could grab or cut with a knife. I had been feeling overwhelmed, over worked, and right now I'm not really on my A game when it comes to yoga and meditation. Something that I consider to be a major part of my lifestyle and who I am, but at the moment, I've become relaxed about it. The sense of ease, bliss, and understanding I had after the session was further proof that I need to get back on it.

Aside from physically experiencing the overwhelming beauty that is to be in the presence of an angel, my body and intuition told me things and told my reiki practitioner things that were pretty interesting.

One was, "To create from a place of joy not discipline." OoOoh. You all know I'm a writer. And it is National Novel Writing Month, a time where I look forward to the entire year to write a novel start to finish. It's a great momentum boosting thing. Accountability, and an immense amount of pressure that I put on myself. Only-- With a creative job, when you're running an entire company working more than the average a day, it gets to be pretty hard. I'm not making excuses, but I'm exhausted as it is after work, and in the mornings I try to get my workouts in. The key is balance. And I'm currently aiming to focus on editing and adding additional scenes to my existing novel. (Which is the one that I can feel with all of my being that is going to be the one to help me level up.) So...why is the lesson important? Because the sense of obligation I feel with setting out to complete a novel that may be my life's best work under a time constraint both with the challenge that is Nanowrimo but also because work is so intense right now creatively... kind of sucks the joy out of my intention. (Because my perfectionist ways doesn't help with that either.) Especially since the month of November is especially busy for me.

But now that the holidays are coming up, I have the opportunity to set my own month's goal to work on my existing novel, or write a new one! Moral of the story, do what works for you and what brings you most joy and fulfillment. Push yourself, but don't be a slave to the outcome. It's about the journey, and good things take time. Sometimes you'll even get a divine intervention!

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