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October Writing Challenge

Tis the season to be mentally stimulated, and on a mission to get aligned with both your writing, and a creative release if that's what interests you. Write-tober is 31 days of fiction writing prompts during the month of October, only I'm doing it a bit differently. I'm going to be giving you writing prompts for journaling and self-reflection. And since I am a writer, I'll be giving you creative writing prompts in case you'd like to try a new creative outlet.


There are many perks when it comes to journaling. Which is the purpose of Navigating Namaste, to encourage and provide the tools for you to be the best version of yourself. Journaling is said to improve creativity, enhances your well-being, serves as a mood booster, improves your memory, helps with anxiety and depression, allows you to look introspectively, helps you figure out what you want, and helps with the setting and accomplishing of goals.

Perks of writing fiction for 31 days is that it serves as a creative outlet, and for you writers out there, you can get in the habit of writing everyday!

I'm incredibly excited, as I've been coming up with these prompts for us to dig deep, but also create! Know that these prompts are my own original ideas, and with each day's prompt you will be getting both creative and journaling prompts. Sometimes, I may even share what I write.

What you can expect:

Every morning, you can expect a new post with two prompts. They'll be there by the time you wake up in the morning. I'll be scheduling these out in advance so that you're never waiting on me. I'm incredibly excited! I hope that you are too!

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