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Never Foolishly Forget..

Following my birthday, I decided that I would write separate lists of reflection, goals, wants, reminders, you name it! Each list contains 31 gems, desires, hopes, etc. So you'll be seeing these in the coming days.

Today's prompt stemmed from a note I wrote to myself, I hope I never foolishly forget that I am a catch. And so, from there, I thought of other things that are vital to know. Almost like the keys to life. Knowing this changes everything.

31 things I hope I never foolishly forget:

1. I’m a catch

2. I don't have to believe everything I think

3. Everything I need is inside

4. Everything happens as it's supposed to

5. The odds are always in my favor

6. The universe is working for my greatest good

7. I can do anything I set my mind to

8. Be extra kind to everyone, you never know who may need it

9. The beach cures everything

10. Signs are real

11. My intuition never leads me astray

12. Feelings are guides

13. Sometimes all you need is to cry to let it out

14. Don't dwell

15. I create my reality

16. If I'm not happy in any area of my life, I can change it

17. The mind is incredibly powerful

18. The body can break through anything

19. Habits change your world

20. You're all you need

21. Be grateful, practice gratitude

22. Limitations are illusions

23. Be careful what you believe, especially if they're limiting beliefs about you

24. Work toward your dream everyday

25. Let go of people who hold you back or bring you down: it's okay to walk away

26. Life is too short for mediocre love, work, anything. Strive for the best

27. If there is something you want to do, do it, because the desire has been placed in your heart for a reason

28. Always make time for you

29. Health is wealth, take care of #1

30. Find enjoyment and beauty in the smallest of things

31. Love is always the answer

I also hope you never foolishly forget that you're an incredible being that can have, do, or be anything your heart desires.

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