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Navigating Namaste

Read below to find out the purpose and meaning of this blog.

The reason I'm calling this blog Navigating Namaste is for the beauty of the meaning behind Namaste. We're attempting, some of us succeeding, others failing, to navigate that sense of calm, surrender, and purpose during this insane time. I'm using the word Namaste to figuratively for what I've known it to mean through my spiritual and yogic journey.

Namasté is a spiritual revelation, it's the choice to identify with the universe or God-consciousness as opposed to the ego.

To put colloquially, what Namaste means to me is that it is an affirmation or promise to yourself that you will live a life according to your deepest desires, find your happiness, purpose, bliss.

The reason I'm saying we're navigating namaste is that we will attempt to find that peace and path to fulfillment despite all that we're currently going through, and despite the obstacles that we are currently facing.

The light and love in me honors & sees the light and love in you!

My poetic or romantic reasoning for using the word namaste is that the gesture (two hands at prayer position placed in front of the heart) is that there is a recognition that there is a divine spark in each of us, that I believe in. (Yes, I believe in you and your purpose!)

When doing my yoga teacher training and during my early years as a yogi, I knew Namaste as a Divine flow of love, and doing yoga brought me closest to God and most at peace. I learned that Namaste allows individuals to come together and that is my hope from me to you through reading this blog.

Here's the kicker, we're all navigating Namaste right now. At least, I definitely am. I'd love to get to a place where I'm living my best life as my best self. I plan on getting back to that place of surrender where I'm deeply spiritual and practicing yoga and meditation daily. I think this serves as a great reminder and accountability. I'll let you know how my practice goes. Until then, try navigating your own Namaste/zen/passions.

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