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7 things I learned in 10 days

My deepest apologies for having been missing in action.

I've been doing some self reflecting, working on my novel, and hand writing (journaling). I've been getting migraines from staring at the screen all day, so less screen time has been crucial. So I've been trying to care more for my body in every sense. (Also, I haven't missed a workout!)

Yo girl over here has been grinding mind body spirit trying to stay focused outside of work. Less leisure more grinding. I have yet to feel the burn out, from my personal stuff, but I'm happy to be getting a 2 week break from work, so you'll be hearing from me a lot more.

So in the ten days since I've posted, I've read a couple books, as well. Experienced some things, had a few epiphanies, been super extra careful about all covid stuff, and have allowed to spiral into a tornado of worry. And here is what I've learned.

No one is going to stop you from killing yourself at work

You got to have your own back, set boundaries, don't dedicate all your time and energy to. Do your job, and do a great job at it, be the best you can be. You don't want to disappoint anyone, especially yourself or tarnish your reputation. I personally can't stand people who do the bare minimum. However, you also have to save some time for you. Save some energy for you, and your hopes and dreams. Work on your hobby or have a creative outlet. For the past two years I've been guilty of working so hard every day, that at the end of my long work day, I cannot look at screens anymore or I feel physically unable to do anything besides watch tv. Um, okay writing that out makes it sound way pretty sad. My defense used to be "that's how much I love my job." Then the inner me rebuttal is: "Well, how much do you love me?" Priorities, baby. Make yourself, your needs, your wants a priority.

A little sunlight goes a long way

Fresh air and some sun rays keeps my energy up, a my smile splashed across my face, and I don't get stir crazy. I am one thousand percent a better version of myself when I step outside. Walks, lots of walks are helpful, and rejuvenating. Oh and also, I like to lay out in the sun and write. It's kinda my favorite thing.

Not everyone is going to value you

In work, and in life not everyone is going to see your value. Not everyone is going to be rooting for you. Not everyone will be ill intentioned, but sometimes people will just be looking out for them first.

But the people that do see your value, deserve to be in your life. They're there. They will show you how much they cherish you in little ways. Life is too short to have friendships/relationships with people who don't celebrate you. Those are the people you can leave behind.

You have all the answers inside

Sometimes all you need is to take a step back, and listen to your inner voice. This isn't your mind, it's like your gut or intuition or heart. This may sound a little crazy if you aren't into all of the metaphysical beliefs that I am. All you have to do, is take a step back, and start paying attention to that little voice of pure positivity inside you. Essentially, it's like me saying listen to your gut.

Manifest, Manifest, Manifest

Now is the time to manifest all the things that you want. Seriously, the energy in the world is fantastic right now.

Love what you do for a living

If I didn't love what I did for a living, putting up with b.s. or hardships at work, heavy workloads would feel miserable. Instead, build a life where you can enjoy what you do everyday.

Be a warrior, not a worrier

What I constantly try to work on is stepping out of worrying thoughts, and instead surrender to the universe. Oh my, when you give it up to the universe, it works out so much better. It has eased my stress so much. Especially in times of covid. Sometimes I have so much fear of it, I end up stressing myself out and acting like a hypochondriac over every little thing. When I just stay safe, and say whatever is meant to be will be, I feel much more at ease. (Plus, I don't want fear to attract it-- ya know, the law of attraction and all that.)

I hope you find all these helpful. I'll be sharing some of my journaling and prompts in the next coming days.

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