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Managing Hectic Days

Today was... a day. And don't get me wrong, I love my job. But last night I took melatonin + magnesium and let me tell you in put the daze in Mondaze. The usual energizer bunny that I am, was nothing more than a tired, malnourished writer (who still got all her sh*t done-- thank you very much) but felt less than good in all meetings... Fake it until you make it, I told myself, I just needed to get through the day, put on my pretty little smile... and I made it. Until, I had some major opposition ruining my vibe, and messing with the brilliant plan I had come up with. I was stressed and quite frankly not in the mood, as I felt that my already barely there energy was dwindling.

So here's what I did when someone brought on the "what the 'HECK'" in hec-tic:

  1. I kept my cool, listening to the opposing view, and most importantly being open minded. You never know when someone will bring up a good idea.

  2. I stood my ground. My vision is just as important as the other person's opinion so I must be true to myself and honor that.

  3. At one point, I wanted to give up, and just say "whatever let's do whatever you want." (I was only going to surrender because I was exhausted.) But I knew in my heart I didn't feel it was the best for the company, nor did I think it was fair for me to give up on (or delay) something I've been working hard on.

  4. See the other person's side. I agreed with the opposition on some points, and stated that. Making sure she felt heard, and acknowledged.

  5. I stayed calm, and talked it out. We compromised.

At the end of it, I was annoyed, and felt that my energy was completely depleted. So I stepped away

from it. I physically removed myself from the computer to sweep (I know, very Cinderella of me) and all the while I had fights in my head about how much I don't want to deal with this kind of thing, and then other people who I thought of I got into imaginary arguments with. (Writing it out makes it sound way funnier, and a bit more insane than it really was.) Until, I felt even more drained from those hypotheticals I was going over in my head. A better idea popped into my head. I started listing all the things I loved about my job, and expressed gratitude over what I loved about the people I was starting fights with in my head. Oddly enough, I felt a bunch of energy come from it. I felt happier, and I was able to return to my long day at my desk, and get out what I needed to get done.

So this is just a friendly reminder that when things aren't working your way, all you need is a shift in perspective. OR just let the feelings pass, and move on. Don't sit and dwell on those feelings. Life is too short to waste your energy on things that won't matter one year from now.

(This might be filled with a bunch of grammatical errors, but I just had a 11 hr day, so forgive me.)

Mondays, amirite?

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