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Listen in

Your body will tell you what it needs if you listen to it.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again. We are magical and powerful beings. We can literally create life with our bodies. With our thoughts and actions we can create opportunities for ourselves. Our mind is so powerful that our beliefs can change our biology.

I'm one of those people who feels everything deeply. I am very in tune with my body and know when something feels off. Now I won't get too into details or more serious issues, but I want to cover the basics.

When your body feels tight when you wake up, give it yoga, stretching, it'll help with mobility and help you be more productive in your day.

When your body craves sugar, it's either thirsty or tired.

If you feel stir crazy, your body may need movement or cardio.

When your body craves snacks, it's asking for you to feed it more energy.

If you're craving meat or salmon, your body may be asking for some iron.

If your body is missing the sun, it may be needing Vitamin D.

Learn to rest when your body is asking you to slow down.

The list is endless. I've learned what my body needs by how I feel, if you feel something is off, it's time to do some introspection. The body will give you warnings and signs, it's up to you to give it what it listen in. The body knows what it needs. If you pay attention to it, it will guide you on how you should nurture, fuel, move it, and love it.

Sometimes we fight through the pain or discomfort that we're feeling, only to find that we're not loving or caring for our bodies, nor are we listening to the body's cry for help. So I challenge you to tune in. The more you practice trying to figure out what your body needs, the clearer and more accurately you'll be able to read it. The way you feel will affect your performance. So why not take care of yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself?

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