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Is it a big deal?

This weekend I had the joy of getting to eat with my cousin and her 8 year old daughter. Her daughter was pouting about something that went her way. My cousin asked, "Is what you're mad about a little deal or a big deal?" And still bothered, the little girl said, "A little deal." My cousin then posed the question, "Well if it's a little deal, is it worth you being mad about it?" She went on to give her a little speech about how everything isn't going to go her way, and to not let it upset you. Major #momgoals.

This morning, as I opened up the doors to my balcony, I happily deposited some checks, and someone was blasting annoying music while someone was chatting loudly on the phone. I proceeded to log on to my bank account only to find I got charged on something insane. I immediately got bothered, by the commotion, by the unexpected payments. To drown out the noise, I played my Spanish guitar playlist that always seems to calm me, and I remembered the anecdote I mentioned above. Things aren't always going to happen the way you want. You always aren't going to get every little thing you want. If you did, you wouldn't appreciate the little things that bring you joy.

As I began to change my perspective, focusing on how much I love the fact that it's cold out, and I can be bundled up in a sweater with my favorite tea, the outside noise no longer bothered me. The charges just became another adulting thing I had to deal with, and I eased into my day with the soothing Spanish guitar in the background.

Then I received a notification that my new workout outfit arrived! Yay new packages feel much like opening presents on Christmas day.

Moral of the story, don't let it get to you. If it's not a big deal, don't let it take up space in your mind in your heart and soul.

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