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Intention Setting

Happy New Years Eve!

The promise of everlasting hope, that things might be different. That the past you've endured just might be a little brighter with the changing of a calendar year. That you could be different and accomplish all of your sweet little heart's desires.

In our minds, I feel we anticipate a reset. Feeling that we are new. I say, take that momentum and run with it. Every moment is an opportunity to be the best version of yourself, but a new year is what really motivates people. Use it!

So let's discuss intention setting so that you can go into your year with achievable goals! Let's also use this time to discuss what we will be releasing.

First things first, when releasing, begin the phrase with "I release" followed by what you want to let go of.

Like, "I release the limiting belief that I cannot sleep much." (I'm super sleepy right now, and I am actually trying to change my frame of mind/habits around sleeping so this works for me.)

Or "I release past traumas that are holding me back." Just list anything you'd like to let go of.

Now for the fun part. Intention setting, is the plan that you want for yourself. Decide what you want to bring into your life, and write it down. (They say hand writing it is more powerful because you're training/reminding your subconscious of what YOU want.) One thing I often have to remind myself, is to not starting the statement with, "I want." Because that is coming from a place of lack, indicating that you don't have it. Instead start it with:

"I am so happy and grateful that..."
"I like/love that..."
"I'm thankful that..."

Essentially, I'm saying speak it into existence. Write it as though you already have it! Declare what you want to bring into it. This is a little more "advanced" stuff and I like to get everyone right into manifestation.

Other ways to state is:

"I am..."
"To be..."

Start by asking yourself, what you want the most. What matters to you most, what you'd like to change.

To put it simply

Okay. So I want to talk about intention setting. So for some reason, intention setting is always hard for me to write about just because I feel like there are so many different levels to it, but really it's quite simple. I just end up overthinking it. However, I do new intentions at the start of each month, or whenever I feel inspired or want to make a change, or be aligned.

So just a reminder that every moment is a moment or a new opportunity for you to be the best version of yourself. So you don't have to wait for the first of the year. You can really do this whenever. But the way that our culture/society has trained and taught us, is that the new year, is the time for yourself to build yourself new. It's your opportunity to change any habits, perspectives, achieve goals, and really get back on the right track.

So with that being said, when setting intentions let's avoid the use of, I want, so instead, what you'll do is think about something you want. Something you really want, a habit you want to change, or who you want to be going into this new year. That is what is really going to help you figure out what your intentions are.

Intentions are like plans, what you aim to be or who you aim to be in the future. This is what is going to bring you closer to your goals? Your dream life, all of that fun stuff.

Just remember that you're always creating your life, literally you create your reality.

If your life right now is a product of your past thoughts and actions. So with intention setting, know that it aligns very closely with manifestation. So you can manifest, which is bringing what you want into your life. You can manifest when you have the desire in your mind just hold it there, and work towards it. Then the universe will present opportunities so that your manifestation can become a reality.

So that is where I leave you. Think about what it is you want, what you truly desire. Nothing is impossible. Nothing is too big (or small) for the universe.

So just know that when you're setting that intention. Or manifestation or figuring out what you want. Nothing is too big for the universe. Nothing is too big for you, so you can accomplish all of your heart's desires.

I wish you a happy, healthy, and loving new year and know that the universe is always on your side.

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