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Do it for YOU

It's National Novel Writing Month and writing a novel plus running a storytelling company is no joke. But I decided I wanted to do something for me. I write a lot for work, and edit even more, though it's mostly all stories that come from my heart and mind, they get published through a lovely storytelling app that has stamps of me all over. I spend so many hours outside of work making the stories perfect. But it's not only mine. If I ever choose to leave, I don't get to take my stories with me. So I wanted to spend my time writing something that would be for me. After leaving Disney, I swore I would never stop writing for me. I get such a sense of bliss from it. As hard as writing is, creating an entirely new world, universe, characters, perspectives and putting it into a book that takes both the reader and the writer on a journey and leaves you changed is kinda like the best thing ever.

Moral of the story is: Do things outside of your work or job that bring you fulfillment.

I'd had this story brewing in my mind that I felt needed to be told. Today being November 4th is day 4 of National Novel Writing Month and I'm nearly seven thousand words in. Every bit of extra time I have had these last four days have been dedicated to my novel. It's been hard work, but I feel so happy and fulfilled doing it.

Which brings me to my second point. Everything is going to be hard. I don't really think anything worth it comes easy. So set those goals of getting your dream body, starting your side hustle, going back to school, learning investments, whatever it is, and put the time and effort into it. When you've put in the work you'll value it even more. If you're looking for a sign, this is it!

Second Moral of the story: nothing is easy but it's always worth it!

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