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Day 8: Justice

Journal writing prompts to help you navigate your best life!


What can you do to seek justice and open minds?

My goal is to defend the voiceless, aka my fellow Latinos, to get us representation. Get us IN to the places we need to level up, and if we're already there for people to know and not misjudge us. And for course, to an accurate representation of a Latina. I get so bothered by the word, "White-washed," as though being educated and speaking without an accent was reserved for one race, and not my colorful ethnicity. Then on the contrary being misjudged for not seeming "Latin enough," when I can read, write, speak Spanish fluently, and practice cultural traditions from each of my parents countries. And oh yeah, and the fact that I'm first generation. How does one see me now? I want to change the narrative, and change the way Latinos are seen by the masses. Also, I'd love for my last name to give me equal opportunity to a "white" last name. Like the fact that I spent 4 years applying for jobs never to get a call back besides having 6 years of Disney on my resume and two degrees from USC. Only for me to finally put my picture on my resume and have literally every job I applied for call me for an interview. Interesting. The goal for me, is to tell more stories (through my fiction writing) to really change the way we're viewed. (On this note, I've been enjoying books by Latin authors, recommended list to come.) And also, to show that a lot of times the stereotypes they tell you about us is wrong. Like "illegal" immigrants pay taxes. In 2015, undocumented immigrants paid 23.6 Billion dollars in federal taxes. (Most of the time people only think that undocumented immigrants are ONLY coming from Latin American countries which is another negative stereotype, but not always the case.)

Anyway, what will YOU do? And I mean, besides VOTE! Because our future depends on it!

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