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Day 4 of Writetober


Congratulations on making it day 4! I will say, I have religiously been doing all of the journal prompts, but the writing prompts have escaped me. I think to hold myself accountable, I will be occasionally positing a few of my pieces of writing. The con to that is, it is meant to be a rough piece of writing, and I don't want that to be taken as though it's a final draft when it's being published out into the internet. (And also, I am very strict on who sees my fiction writing, isn't that so odd--especially since I do it for a living and millions of people see my work.)

But for today, I'll leave the prompt right here:

You’re driving through a forrest, leaving upset, anxious, your jaws are clenched and your knuckles turn white at how hard you’re gripping the wheel. What happened?

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