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Day 31: Journaling

Funny how a prompt on journaling falls on one of the most crucial days of our lives...Election day. Not just any election day, this one is especially important.

Anyway, the purpose of this challenge was to get you to search introspectively, dig deep, and be guided by the questions. I felt that they were thought provoking and really got a lot out of me. What I found as I did this, is how healing it was. But actually, incredibly healing. I felt more in tune with myself than I ever had. To neatly tie this up with a bow, I recently watched a podcast

with the Joe Rogan and Matthew Mcconaughey. I've always liked him as an actor, and thought he was a super cool and down to Earth dude, which made me like him even more. But one important thing, of many, that I took from the interview was Mcconaughey saying that he journals everyday. The good days, the bad days, and it allows him to look back and see what was working on those great days where he was feeling his best, and then look at what was going on in his bad days to change it. That statement, aligned perfectly with this challenge. It's something that I really want to commit to and continue. The irony is that all points are leading me in this direction, because even the book I'm reading by Julia Cameron on morning pages (writing every morning as soon as you wake up) is also pointing me in a similar direction. And then the whole reason I started this blog was because I felt I had something to say and share with the world. So here I am.

With all that being said, here is writing prompt:

How will you continue journaling in your day to day? Where will you find time to weave journaling into your life? How do you feel journaling has improved your life, or not?

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