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Day 30: Release

Journal Writing Prompts:

What's something you need to release?

I know exactly what I need to release. And that is releasing expectations of other people's roles in my life. I don't mean this just for romantic relationships. (Though that's an important point-- actually vital point too.) People are meant to be in your life for seasons, whether that be days, or decades. But the important part of that is to gracefully let go of what no longer is meant to be in your life.

Since I'm already opening up, I think that I also need to release the hurt that a romantic relationship

caused over so many years. And let go of the unrealistic expectations I have of myself, and the limiting beliefs that come up. I've noticed since writing stuff out, journaling and being more open about certain situations, has helped with my ability to release. Just recently, I've begun opening up about past hurts and guilts, and once I really wrote it all out...I was able to move past it. Who knew journaling would be so therapeutic?

Once you release what you're no longer meant to hold on to, you'll feel so much happier.

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