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Day 29: Everything You Wanted

Journal Prompts for self discovery.

Journal Prompt:

What is one thing that you thought you wanted, that once you got it, it wasn't everything you imagined? Or failed to meet you expectations.

Sometimes we build things up in our head, imagining that things would feel different, or we think "if only." If only I had "blank" it'd be better. This is a great way to remind yourself that all isn't what it seems. The universe is working in your favor and sometimes will even show you why you didn't need that particular thing you wanted. I learned this very recently with a relationship. Thinking, "If only we could give it a fair shot." Years later, we finally did. And after all the years of signs, and a fair shot, it turned out to be something I didn't want. So reflect on this, the universe may have winked at you and said "I told you so." Everything always works out better than we could have imagined.

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