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Day 28: Happiness

Writing Prompt:

Make a list of 30 things that make you happy.

The original prompt for today was to write about something that makes you proud. And it's so odd the way we're programed, because I had a hard time writing about this. Sure I'm proud of myself but it seems like self righteous and egotistical. But why not reflect on your accomplishments? The truth is I'm incredibly hard on myself and it's something I'm working on. I felt that I immediately wanted to skip out on the prompt for the day. And so I did. I changed it because it felt weird to say I was proud of myself for doing things I feel I should be doing, or also to be proud of myself when I feel like I'm not quite where I want to eventually end up. So instead I switched it up to discuss happiness. My way of deflecting and kind of a work around. Because I do feel very happy about where I am. Like I'm happy that I can afford to live by myself in luxury apartments in one of the most expensive places to live ever. But here is where the lack of self compassion comes in. Maybe I'd be proud of myself if my expensive rent were going toward a mortgage instead of a lease. This is why I'm so fond of journaling, the amount of exploration, self awareness it brings. Even me saying, I'm incredibly happy with my career sounds like I'm majorly bragging and almost like I'm lying because we always want more and I want to make more money. So what have I learned from this? To be present and grateful. You can be happy with where you are, and still want to go further and accomplish more. The key is being happy in the moment.

What are the things that make me, personally, happy?

The fact that I love what I do.

How I learn everyday.

How I built a storytelling app from nothing into something great.

Facetiming with my Abuelita.

My two degrees from USC

Getting dolled up every morning

My cute, happy Mumsie

Pep talks from my Dad

Talking to my brother

Beach days

Bike rides

Looking up at the stars

My rooftop

My little puppies

Fun Family

The fact that our cat goes on walks with us



Physical books

Libraries and bookstores

My green eyes

Good friends


Working out

Being Productive

Accomplishing everything I wanted to in a day

Great shows

I could keep writing forever...Try it for yourself! It's so much fun.

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