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Day 24: Lovely Day

Journal writing prompts to navigate your best self!

Writing Prompt:

Build your perfect day.

When I'd conduct inspiration workshops, I'd often have us do a visualization similar to this. What does my loveliest day entail? So you have options for this. My trick is to really think about what my day is normally like, and then build a perfect one from there. Because a perfect day to me would entail traveling or exploring in a different country, but that's not something that I can do right now with the pandemic. Or a perfect day could include me being in my imaginary beach house. And what I'm going to do for this exercise is both my ideal case scenario day in my perfect world, and my perfect day now.

I just finished this exercise in my personal journal and I enjoyed it so much. It's also a way to bring what you want into your life! Manifestation at it's finest!

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