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Day 2: Write-tober

Welcome to day two of the Creative Writing Challenge!

Here's the prompt:

You move into a new house and find an object from a previous owner, what’s the object? When you touch it, it takes you to a memory, what is it? Give us the scene. Share what happens.

I love magical realism. It's primarily the genre I write in. At first, I was hesitant that I was giving all my ideas as I have a few things written already that encompass this prompt. But like anything, what's meant to happen will be for your benefit! Today after work I am going to aim to catch up on these last two prompts.

I wanted to add as a reminder that, these prompts are meant to inspire not block you. If something feels too restrictive, feel free to color outside the lines. Just start to train that creative writing muscle, and I will do the same alongside you. Truth be told, I'm trying to get myself back into the fiction writing wave (outside of work) to prepare myself to write a novel in November for NanoWriMo!

Best of luck writing! I hope you're unleashing the writer within!

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