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Purpose During This Time

Okay okay, so there must be a purpose of all of this right? So I decided that yesterday, which is why it was my official day 1, I'd be utterly committed to doing all the things I've wanted to do basically my whole life now that I'm able to work from home. I'll elaborate.

I want to use this time to work on being the best version of myself. I'll do the hard work now to get disciplined because right now there aren't too many distractions.

(I mean, once you get past the idea that you can't do the same things or see all the people you want to see, and can't leave your domain without a mask. Yeah besides that.) For instance, those little tedious habits you want to get into on a daily basis. Like keeping track of your meals, lathering in lotion, getting 10k steps in, meditating, healing some part of your body, reading daily devotionals, taking your vitamins, you know the things that take a routine. This is what got me into doing this journal/blog stream of consciousness. Ya girl wants to take vitamins everyday and do yoga everyday, and still workout everyday, and though this was something I was so good at during the first 3 months of quarantine, I lost that momentum in the last month. I will say, that motivation to do my own personal creative work was never there on a daily basis during all of quarantine, so this is also where my day 2 starts.

It's like this whole daily challenge is a promise to myself that I will try to be the best version of myself to the best of my abilities.

Meaning for once in my life I'm going to really focus on practicing self compassion. I'm not going to do everything at once, but baby steps. Like yesterday was day 1, and during all of quarantine I have made sure I walk at least a mile and a half a day. I did the minimum, but I didn't work out beside I was feeling under the weather.

What I did manage to do was listen to my body, give it lots of vitamins, the right fuel, and went to bed at 11:35 which is the earliest I've gone to bed all of quarantine. I did other rituals I've been wanting to start, but getting to bed earlier is a practice I've been really aiming for. So that was a huge victory for me. (If you know me, you know I live by the moon as I'm a nocturnal being with my lifetime bedtime being 1:30 am for as long as I can remember. And that's because I force myself to go to sleep at that time. Very healthy I know, *eye roll.*)

Another thing I'm doing with writing this exposé about my current sitch is practicing doing all the things I'd love to do if I didn't worry about what others think. Again baby steps. But day two of this entry, and it feels good to loosen my tie and let my hair down. I am somewhat of a perfectionist, especially with my craft and my image, so this is a bit hard for me.

Anyway, I'll let you know how my day goes later. It's just beginning, but I already did yoga and want to get another little workout before my workday begins. Today I'm tracking my water intake (I normally drink a lot of water, however yesterday I noticed I was drinking a lot of tea) and making sure my body is feeling fit & looking sexy for these beach days. (And duh because I want to feel great with every step I take!)

My challenge to you is, what have you always wanted to work on, or build habits upon, that you haven't yet been able to do. Now that most of us are working from home, can you try to build upon those healthy habits? Remember the goal here is to try to be the best version of yourself within that day. Why not start now, where there are less distractions? Write down those habits you want to get started on, and action steps for you to get it done. I suggest starting with three small ones, and then building from there once you build momentum. That way you won't overwhelm yourself. Then you'll be on your way! You've got this!

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