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Day 19: Writetober

Writing Prompt:

You’re on an Eat Pray Love journey, where do you go and who do you meet?

This is so fun! I can't wait to complete this one, remember it's all about you and what you want! Remember it's okay to fantasize, but also be manifesting. I mean...why not? I'd for sure go back to the Amalfi Coast.

(Side note: I always told myself, if I ever felt desperate to get married, I'd head back to Italy because the men were so pleasantly aggressive. It did take me some getting used to because I felt I had to be defensive. But many of the men were incredibly handsome, and would just come up to you and tell you you're beautiful, and then carry on their merry way if you chose not to continue the convo. 'Twas refreshing to have someone be so candid and transparent. In America if you see a gorgeous man, you have to smile and act coquettish and show your interest for them to pursue you. How sweet it is for a random stranger to want nothing more from you than a smile when he tells you how beautiful he thinks you are. More of that please. Oh and I feel like Italy, whether it be Venice, Rome, Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Cinque Terre --feel free to stop me at anytime-- would an easy place to fall in love. *Cue Italian music*).

Apparently my Eat Pray Love journey unconsciously involves falling in love, though I don't think that that'd ever be my intention. I love the idea that love happens when you least expect it, when you're not looking. In my version of Eat Pray Love, I'd love to fall in love with myself first, be enlightened by a spiritual master, find a way to heal from my past fears (and food allergies), meet an interesting cast of characters that then leads me to the story for my next book. Oh wait, sounds quite identical to Liz Gilbert's experience.

But seriously, I'm going to spend some time on this. Maybe it'll be my NaNoWriMo tale. (If you know, you know.)

Happy writing!

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