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Day 15: Habits

Journal writing prompts aimed at helping navigate a better you!

Writing Prompt:

What’s a habit you’d like to adopt? Why?

Habits! Something I struggle with a ton is going to bed early. I subscribe to all these apps to help me sleep better, which have helped. But I have totally relapsed. I can't explain to you the satisfaction I have when being able to do whatever I want, and not have to have a strict bedtime. It's like nighttime is my free for all, where I can do whatever my heart desires and fool around because I'm tired from the day...Only, I love being able to be as productive as possible during the day. Which, doesn't happen if I've relapsed to 2 am like I have the last week. Sheesh. So the habit I'd like to adopt is an 11pm bedtime and a 6:30 rise and grind time. I'm going to be better at it! I've decided, and re-committed to an early bedtime.

The goal in doing this is to be patient with yourself, if the habit doesn't catch on quickly. And don't knock yourself, and if you miss some days, you can recommit without judgement. Don't be so hard on yourself.

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