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Dailies: the 1st one!

Bitesized inspiration, thoughts, comments, love, challenges & so much more.

I started writing dailies for myself which were quick journal like stream of consciousness. What always evolved from these were a lesson, or a lesson being shown to me about the question I posed, or my thoughts. I'd be validated by the universe (thank you!) and given some sort of answer, sometimes written on instagram or more often like an epiphany!

What you can expect from these dailies are something short and sweet, hopefully inspirational that can turn into something more one day. Right now, I just feel moved to do it and I want to explain exactly what Dailies are.

Formally speaking, and quoting directly from Google, Dailies are:

"In filmmaking, dailies are the raw, unedited footage shot during the making of a motion picture."

"In animation, dailies are also called rushes or sweat box sessions. "

"A newspaper published every day except Sunday."

"Daily (plural dailies)"

And now you know they're my (hopefully and eventual) daily post, boost of insight, inspiration, etc.

Today's daily:

As I mentioned to you previously...


For things that I do have control over, I will only do things that I feel moved to do. I will remind myself of my why.

Right now I had a moment where I was committing to doing dailies. I have already given myself the cop out of "I'm only going to do things when I feel moved to do it," but will try my best as long as it doesn't feel like a chore. In fact the idea excited me. I love being disciplined and I love giving myself strict deadlines and over promising and over delivering. Then I took a step back and thought, wait why am I doing this when I'm have my novels to write and work to do. Then I reminded myself that I'm doing this for me. And I instantly felt satisfied by the notion.

Often times when I think of my audience (that is what you're supposed to do as a writer, you always have to think of the person or audience you're writing for) so when I think of the people I don't know who are reading this, my ideal reader that I've built and created in my mind, I feel inspired. Knowing that I'm going to be advertising this on my personal instagram, I think of all my friends that might see this, and feel extra pressure to "perform" or make each post sparkling, perfect, insightful motivational, and fun. Then the process doesn't become enjoyable to me, and hence I stop because now I've turned a fun project into work.

What you can take from here is:


Remind yourself of your why. What is your core mission in doing what you're doing? What is the reason? Your why should be your motivator and the calm to any extra pressure you've accidentally placed on yourself.


I hope you enjoyed your first daily!

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