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Dailies: Guilt over Priorities

I'm really starting to feel some guilt over here. I slept terribly, and didn't get up as early as I would have liked. I like to start my mornings with a workout because that way I can't skip them later or make some sort of excuse. But of course, I know I have a busy work day, so I have to choose: workout and feel accomplished, or to write to feel fulfilled?

You know which one I chose because here I am! Yet, the guilt is still very much here. So how do I ease my mind (besides meditation) because, oh darling, I'd love to workout and get my body right, but also, the inspiration to write isn't a waterfall or endless stream of ideas. It's more like the state of California, in a usual state of drought with pockets of waterfalls if you search for them. Though I don't always have the time because I have a demanding and already creative job.

The answer: Journal about it. Even just writing this post felt therapeutic. I find that whenever I'm struggling with something, to make a mental or even visual pro and cons list. The thing is, these days (aside from work) I workout more than I write. Of course, I don't recommend skipping workouts, but I'm just stating to allot different times into your day that if you can't get to it now, know that you've already carved time to get to it later.

Also, don't feel guilty about being productive. Both tasks are moving me forward and closer to my goals. So decide in the moment which is right for you.

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