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Colorful Conversations

So the other night, I was on a mission to color code my closet. Yes, extra as usual, but since we're in quarantine still why not? Plus I'm on my forever mission of being a lot more organized. It was a start. One thing about me, I always feel the need to be productive. It's in my type A nature. So why not, listen to an audiobook on self help in the meantime. (Me being extra as always, I didn't only want to listen, I wanted to finish it...trying to just be in the moment more, that's where my yogic self has trouble.)

As I was color coding my fantastic dresses. I stumbled across the answer to questions I'd been asking earlier that day. They were my whys. I was quickly reminded that when you ask, the universe always answers.

The book I was listening to is called Conversations with God, Book 2. It's a very powerful book, and it's fantastic to listen to. I've learned so much from the first one, and the second one felt a little less profound but equally intriguing. (I read Book 1 when I was unpacking and moving in about 8 months ago, and needed a break before moving onto book 2).

Here's what I learned & what I was reminded of:

So I constantly, as many of us are, am wanting more. I also often, build attachments to people very quickly. I think it's something that comes with my sense of loyalty. I like to keep people in my life long past our relationship should've been over. And I don't mean this romantically, this applies just as much with friendships.

What I've added below is the conversation between the writer's imagined version of God, and then his response.

“Perception of God: 'Enjoy everything, need nothing.'
Writer: 'Even people?'
Perception of God: 'Including people especially people. Needing someone is the fastest way to kill a relationship.'
Writer: 'But we all like to feel needed.'
Perception of God: 'Then stop it. Like to feel un needed instead. The greatest power you can give some one is the strength to not need you. To need you for nothing.'“

OoOoh! Can you say powerful?! That's the thing I feel I've always been raised in that way. To be independent, to not rely on anyone and be self sufficient because one can do it all alone. This doesn't mean to push people away or to not ask for help. The power for you to do, be, have, accomplish any of your hearts desires lies within you.

Okay so this next passage is the most powerful thing I've read in a while. This is from the perception of God.

“Everything you think say and do is a reflection of what you’ve decided about yourself. A statement of who you are. An act of creation and you’re deciding who to be."

Think of this as your thoughts become things, what you believe is your perception of reality. The best part is that you have all the power to create the life you want, create who you want to be, so you create your reality. You can change your perception of yourself, and be whoever you want to be. There are no limitations, the only limitation is you my lovely human. For all of you law of attraction believers like me, this is it in other words.

It goes on to add:

"It is the only thing you are doing here. That is what you’re up to. There is nothing else going on. No other agenda for the soul.
You are seeking to experience and be who you are. And to be that you are creating yourself in every moment of now."

So it's saying all your soul wants is to be YOU and live the life that you desire. That sounds so lovely, to be reminded that you were put on this Earth for the purpose of accomplishing the desires of your heart.

Okay this next part...I am very guilty of putting myself last. I blame it on my nurturing nature. But it's time to be a little selfish and put me first. I always want to know what the other person wants, and fail to as myself what I want out of the relationship. I've been guilty of this for years. And it's about to change because of this quote.

"The first question you must ask when you encounter with any human being in any circumstance is what do I want here? Your first question always must be what do I want here?
Not what does the other person want here. The reason your relationships are always such a mess is because you’re trying to figure out what the other person wants and what other people want. Instead of what you truly want. What you want in order to grow get what you desire in order to be who you want to be “

This also serves my type A personality, of instead of trying to figure out what other people want from me, me figuring out what I want! It's empowering and also surrendering.

"The best way you could help somebody is to remind them of who they are."

Um... okay this last one is so powerful to me, because it is literally my mission to aim to inspire people by my learnings and navigating life. But I was feeling stuck and needed to be reminded of it. Then I posed the question to the universe and you saw my answer. Less than 24 hours a day later.

This has me reflect on things a little bit further. This also reminds me that, 8 months ago when I finished reading the first one, I was so not ready to read the second book. I was supposed to hear it now. Which I did, and it came at the perfect time. Just another lovely reminder from the universe that everything happens at the right time and not a moment sooner.

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