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Cabin Fever

Okay, so I have to point out one thing that I've learned during this quarantine lifestyle we've been living in for the past several months. This thing is that Cabin Fever is all a state of mind. Trust me, I know, I get stir crazy, and I think I am the queen of getting cabin fever because I love moving around and love being outdoors. I am not a homebody by any means. However, you can control it, just like you can control how you feel about anything. It's all about perspective, my dears. Once I started dedicating myself to fully being inside, I started noticing that there were a ton of indoor projects I needed to work on.

When the curfew first started, I felt rage, then panic, and absolutely hated the idea that I had to be home or inside by 10pm. It made me feel trapped. And then I felt almost (I repeat, almost) liberated by it, because it made me think of what I could do to be productive or creative during this time. It also got be out of the house earlier so that I could get some more sunlight in my day.

So I hope that this post is helpful, because it serves as a reminder that you ARE in control, and your present reality is all up to you!

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