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Buy Your Own Damn Flowers

Don't wait for the perfect person, timing, or circumstance to do what you have or want to do. Sometimes you need to motivate yourself, and get the ball rolling. Like if you want flowers, and no one is buying you flowers, buy your own. Life is not a waiting game, it's about how well you thrive in a storm, how you reinvent yourself, and fulfill all those little desires in your heart.

Right now I'm walking a tight balance between both allowing myself to indulge in binging content, and being constantly productive. I'll tell you what, when I'm productive and working on myself and my brand after or before work, I feel fantastic. It's all about getting in the right head space and getting back into the habits of doing what you feel is fulfilling to you. And don't get me wrong, I also enjoy those well deserved binge sessions. (Last night I stayed up until 2 am reading "You Had Me at Hola" by Alexis Daria--whoops.)

I'll also be the first to admit that lately, some days are hard with this new quarantine lifestyle that we're all attempting to adapt to. It's not normal for our minds or bodies, we weren't created to be separated from humans nor trapped indoors. We know this will pass, however, if some days you want to binge a whole season of something (I am very guilty of this) then do what makes you happy. Just make sure that you're also working on what fills your spirit the most, in other words, what fulfills you.

Moral of the story, do what makes you happiest now. Find that thing that excites you and get started now.

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